Learning Outcomes

Our program's goals and objectives align with the Maryland Public School's outcomes for early childhood programs. The teachers keep portfolios for each student making assessment an ongoing process done throughout the school year. Parents are welcome to conference at any time during the year. We ask that all parents attend a conference in January each year.

Personal and Social Development

What We're Looking For

01.  Develops social skills – moving from playing beside other children to playing with others

02. Develops the ability to share and take turns with their classmates

03. Develops their sense of self and adjusting to the separation process

04. Demonstrates an increased level of self-control and managing social conflicts in a positive and effective manner

05. Exhibits an increasing ability to manage classroom transitions and extending their attention span

Physical Development and Health

What We're Looking For

01. Develops the ability to move with balance and control

02. Demonstrates eye-hand coordination while manipulating and exploring objects classroom materials

03. Participates in creative movement and dance

04. Participates in self-help activities and eventually becomes independent in completing self-help tasks

05. Develops the ability to use art materials and tools: scissors, writing implements, paint brushes, etc.

The Arts

What We're Looking For

01. Explores and uses different creative art materials

02. Displays involvement in a variety of art experiences; including music, dance, drama, and creative art and movement

03. Shows ability to figure things out

04. Identifies colors

Social Studies

What We're Looking For

01. Identifies body parts

02. Awareness of classroom rules

03. Participates in cleanup

Language and Literacy

What We're Looking For

01. Develops the ability to listen to communication and to follow directions

02. Appreciation for books and an increased ability to comprehend and respond to story contact

03. Using writing implements to participate in pre-writing and writing experiences

04. Develops the ability to identify letters, both upper and lowercase, and letter sounds

Mathematical Thinking

What We're Looking For

01. Understanding comparative and positional words

02. Counting and one-to-one correspondence

03. Identification of numbers and shapes

04. Develops an understanding of graphs, measurement, making and extending of patterns, and matching items

Scientific Thinking

What We're Looking For

01. Uses senses to explore materials & surroundings

02. Uses simple science tools