Our School

Yellow Room

This room has a MWF morning Pre-K 4’s class and a TTH morning Preschool 3’s class. America Wheat and Alexis Paul work with the Pre-K class and Sam Gass works with the Preschool 3’s class.

Blue Room

This room is home to our three Preschool 2’s classes. Kathryn Janiga and Nikki Davis work with the children each day in the Blue Room.

Red Room

We have three Preschool 3’s classes that use this classroom. Amanda Norman and Christine Christner work with the half-day MWF classes and Amanda Norman and Alexis Paul teach the TTH Full Day class.

Green Room

The Full Day Pre-K 4’s classes enjoy this classroom. Michelle Rippeon, Patti Hill, and Rachel Barlow work with the students in this room.